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Bible Quiz

[Bible timeline image courtesy of Engadine & Heathcote Anglican Church]

It’s quiz time!

This Bible Quiz displays 10 questions at a time. Once you complete the quiz, your score will be displayed on top of the quiz. You can play again with a new set of questions by refreshing this page.

All the best!

#1. What is the meaning of the name Amos?

#2. What is the "chorus" in Psalm 136 which is repeated in every verse?

#3. Which of the following was not a Judge?

#4. What type of tree did Zacchaeus climb to see Jesus?

#5. Out of the ten lepers who Jesus healed, how many came back to say thank you?

#6. How long was Jonah stuck inside the great fish for?

#7. What was the name of Adam's third son?

#8. In the Gospel According to John, which of the apostles doubts Jesus's resurrection until he sees Jesus with his own eyes?

#9. Noah sent two birds from the ark. Which did he send first?

#10. What relation was John Mark to Barnabas?


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