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Ninnoden Daivame Njan Cheratte (നിന്നോടെൻ ദൈവമേ ഞാൻ ചേരട്ടെ)
Ninnoden Daivame Njan Cheratte (lyrics) | Nearer My God to Thee

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Sarah Flower Adams, Lowell Mason
Malayalam translation of Nearer, My God, To Thee

G        C       G         D
Ninnoden daivame njan cheratte
G         C        G   D7   G
Nin krusu njan vahike--nnalume
G          C   G   G        C   D7
En geetham ennume, ninnoden daivame
G        C       G    D7   G
Ninnoden daivame njan cheratte

Dhasan yakobepol rakalathil
Van kattil kallinmel urangukil
En swopnathilumeninnoden daivame
Ninnoden daivamenjan cheratte

Nee enne nadathum patha ellam
Vin ethum eni pol prekasamam
Dhoothar vilikunne ninnoden daivame
Ninnoden daivamenjan cheratte

Akasa margamai mahonnathe
Parannupokilum sandhoshame
En geethamennume ninnoden daivame
Ninnoden daivamenjan chernnidum
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