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Aathma Shakthiyalenne Nirachiduka (ആത്മശക്തിയാൽ എന്നെ നിറച്ചീടുക)

aathma sakthiyal enne ആത്മ ശക്തിയാൽ എന്നെ

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

Aathma shakthiyalenne nirachiduka
Anudinam aaradhippan
C                Am
Abishekathalenne nirachiduka
     Bb              F
Njan unarnnu shobhikuvan

   F                Bb
Abishekam pakarnniduka
      Gm             C   F
Puthu shakthi prapikuvan
Andhakara shakthikale
    C              F
Jayikum njana krupayal

Klesham nirayum maru yathrayil njan
Nine sthuthicharthidumpol
Thuranniduka nal neerurava
Njan ezunnetu shobhikuvan

Abishekam pakarnniduka...

Krupayalenne abhishekam cheyuka
Vishudhiyod aaradhippan
Aathmavinale nin shakthiyale
Van kottakal thakarthiduvan

Abishekam pakarnniduka...
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