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Nin Snehathal Enne (നിൻ സ്നേഹത്താൽ എന്നെ)

Nin Snehathal | Official Video Song | ABBA Worship Series | Mathew T John

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Mathew T John

    Eb             Bb            Fm
Nin snehathal enne maraykkane en yeshuve
    Ab              Bb           Eb
Nin shakthiyal enne pothiyane en yeshuve
    Eb               Bb           Fm 
Nin sanniddhyam enne nadathane en yeshuve
      Ab            Bb          Eb
Angke darshippan enikkaavane en yeshuve

Cm           Gm
Yeshuve angkillengkil
   Ab              Bb
En jeevitham verum shoonyame
Cm           Gm
Yeshuve angkilaliyuvaan
     Ab               Bb
Enne muzhuvanayi samarpikkunne
     Fm           Bb           Cm      F7
Enne muttum nee kazhukename en yeshuve
  Ab            Bb           Eb
Ninnodu chernnu jeevippan idayakane

  Ennile dukhkhangkal
  Ennile vedana
Bbm7      Ab
  Ninnodu cherumbol
Bbm7       Eb
  Uruki maarum
  En balaheenatha
  En paapa rogangkal
Bbm7       Ab
  Ninnil vasikkumbol
Bbm7        Eb
  Maranju pokum

Yeshuve angkillengkil...

En mano bharangkal vyakula chinthakal
Nin thyagamorkumbol marannu pokum
Nin krupa orkkumbol ninne dhyanikkumbol
Bhaavi aashangkakal ozhinju maarum

Yeshuve angkillengkil...

Nin snehathal enne maraykkane...
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