Ange Aradhikkunnathanente Asha (അങ്ങേ ആരാധിക്കുന്നതാണ് എൻറ്റെ ആശ)

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Ange Aradhikkunnathente Asha ( Worship Song ) -Sis. Asha Job |Powervision Viewers Meet @Kottayam
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     F                  C
Ange aradhikkunnathanente asha
Ange aradhikkunnathanente vancha
     Bb                 C
Ange aradhikkunnu, ange aradhikkunnu
Yeshu rajavine

Ange stuthikkunnathente asha
Ange stuthikkunnathente vancha
Ange stuthichidunnu, ange stuthichidunnu
Yeshu rajavine

Ange pukazhthunnathanente asha
Ange pukazhthunnathanente vancha
Ange pukazhthidunnu, ange pukazhthidunnu
Yeshu rajavine

Ange uyarthunnathanente asha
Ange uyarthunnathanente vancha
Ange uyarthidunnu, ange uyarthidunnu
Yeshu rajavine

Ange snehikunnathanente asha
Ange snehikunnathanente vancha
Ange snehikunnu, ange snehikunnu
Yeshu rajavine

Ange ghoshikunnathanente asha
Ange ghoshikunnathanente vancha
Ange ghoshichidunnu, ange ghoshichidunnu
Yeshu rajavine

Ange varnikkunnathanente asha
Ange varnikkunnathanente vancha
Ange varnikkunnu, ange varnikkunnu
Yeshu rajavine
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