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Yeshuve Rakshadayaka (യേശുവേ രക്ഷാദായകാ)

Yeshuve Rakshadayaka | Shweta Mohan | Rev. M S Varghese | Evergreen Malayalam Christian Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Rev M S Varghese

    D              G         D            A
Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa ninte sannidhe varunnu
     Bm           Em   C      A              D
Ente paapabhaaravumaay   vallabhaa eku rakshaye

    Bm           G         A            D
Unnathi vedinjavane mannil thaanuvannavane
   E     G     D          Em       A       D
Enikkaayittallayo kroosingkal jeevane thannthu

Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa...

Shaparogametavane paapamaayi theernnavane
Enikkaayittallayo kroosingkal paadukaletathu

Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa...

Ente rogam nee vahichu ente shapam neekki mutum 
Ninakkaayittennennum njanini jeevikkum nischayam

Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa...

Sweekarikka enne innu alma dehidehatheyum
Tharunnu nin kaikalil theerkka enne ninte hitham pol

Yesuve rakshaadaayakaa...
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