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Seeyon Manalane (സീയോൻ മണാളനേ)

Last updated on May 25th, 2022 at 08:55 am

Seeyon Manalane Shalemin Priyane | Old Christian Devotional Cover Song | Prinu Mathew | Sam Chacko @

Songwriter/Translator/Composer P K Sam

B            E                B
Seeyon manalane shalemin priyane
G#m       C#m           B
Ninne kanuvan ninne kanuvan
Enne thanne orukunnu
              F#          B
Nin rajaythil vannu vaazhuvan

B            E                F#
Seeyon manalane shalemin priyane
B            E                B
Seeyon manalane shalemin priyane

Parane nin varavethu nerathenn-
E           B                F#
Ariyunnilla njan ariyunnilla njan
E             F#
Anunimishavum athi kuthuhamay
Nokki parkunnei

Seeyon manalane...

Kannuner niranja lokathu ninnu njan
Poye maraume poye maraume
Kannimeikum nodinerathu cherume

Seeyon manalane...
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