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Marukarayil Naam Kandidum (മറുകരയിൽ നാം കണ്ടിടും)
Marukarayil Nam Kandidum (Malayalam Christian Song by JV Peter)

Songwriter/Translator/Composer J V Peter

Marukarayil naam kandidum
Maruvilayaay thannavane
        C        Am         D
Svarnna theruvil    veendum kaanum
         G      C     G
Preeyare aa dinathil

Marukarayil naam...

Muraviliyum  dukhavumilla
  Puthan yerushalem nagaramathil
    C         Am     D
Pon pulariyil    othuchernnu
        G          C      G
Ponneshuvine pukazhthaam

Marukarayil naam...

Loke kashtangal undengkilum
Dhairyappeduvin ennurachon
Aathma niravin sanniddhyathil
Nadathidum athishayamay
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