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Mahathwame Mahathwame (മഹത്വമേ മഹത്വമേ)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:19 pm

മഹത്വമേ മഹത്വമേ മഹത്വം തൻ നാമത്തിനു | Binoy Chacko | Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Traditional

Fm         Bbm        Db             Fm      Eb
Mahathwame mahathwame mahathwam than naamathinu
Fm         C            Db      Eb
Mahathwathinum sthothra yaagathinum yogyan
Fm         C            Db      Eb
Mahathwathinum sthothra yaagathinum
       Bbm  Eb   Fm   
Yogyan ell--a naalum

Paravakal mruga jaathy izhayunna janthukkalum
Raajakkal mahathukkal prebhukkanmar vamshakkar
Raajakkal mahathukkal prebhukkanmar vamshakkar

Soorya chandradhikal karthane sthuthichidatte
Swargadhi swargavum melulla vellavum
Swargadhi swargavum melulla vellavum tharangalum

Thekkal mazha himam aazhi kodumkaattiva
Parvathangal ella kunnu malakalum
Parvathangal ella kunnu malakalum vaazhthidatte

Baalanmar vrudhanmar yuvathikal yuvakkanmarum
Thappukal kinnaram kaithala melathal
Thappukal kinnaram kaithala melathal vaazhthidatte
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