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Asrayam Yesuvil Ennathinal (ആശ്രയം യേശുവിൽ എന്നതിനാൽ)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:05 pm

ആശ്രയം യേശുവിലെന്നതിനാൽ| Asrayam Yesuvil ennathinal |BR.EMMANUEL KB & POWERVISION CHOIR |GOSPEL FEST

Songwriter/Translator/Composer M E Cherian

C               Am     C
Asrayam Yesuvil ennathinal
F         Dm    G          C
Bhagyavan njaan Bhagyavaan njaan
C                    Am       C
Aaswaasam ennil than thannathinaal
F          Dm    G          C
Bhagyavaan njaan Bhagyavaan njaan

C               Am    Dm
Koorirul moodum velakalil
F          Dm       G          C
Karthaavin paadham chernidum njaan
Am             F
Karirumpaniyel padulla paniyaal
C                 F           G      C
Karuna niranjavan kaakumennae kaakumenne

Ethra soubhagyam ikshithiyil
Illamattengum nizchayamaai
Theeraatha santhosham kristhuvil-undennaal
Thoraatha kanneere mannilullu-mannilullu

Thannuyir thanna jeevanathan
Ennabhayam en naal muzhuvan
Onninum thannidam-enniye verengum
Odenda thanguvan than mathiyaam, than mathiyaam
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