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Njaan Paadidum En Yeshuve (ഞാൻ പാടിടും എൻ യേശുവേ)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:10 pm

njan paadidum

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Koshy P Chacko, George Koshy

G          D   G       D
Njaan paadidum en yeshuve
C       D      G
En jeevakaalamellaam

             Em     G
En aathmavum en dehiyum
D        Am  D          G
Nithyakaalam vaazhtheedume

Njaan paadidum...

G                     C
Marubhoo prayanathil enne
        D             G
Thellum manamilakathe nayippan
C      D   G       B7
Udayon nee charathille
G     D         C    G
Ennum karutheeduvaan

Njaan paadidum...

Irulin marakal thakarkkaan
Thellum idaridathennum gamippaan
Maratha than saannidhyathaal
Enne karutheedunnu

Njaan paadidum...

Kalushithamayere bhoovil
Thellum kalangidathennum vasippan
Pranapriyan ennumennum
Enne karutheedume

Njaan paadidum...

En aathmavum...

Njaan paadidum...
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