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Athbhutha Vismaya Sneham (അത്ഭുത വിസ്മയ സ്നേഹം)

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 09:08 pm

Vismaya Sneham | Live Session Ft.Emmanuel KB ,Shamitha Mariam

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Dawn Rodgers, Eric Wyse, Rev K M Varughese
Malayalam version of Wonderful Merciful Saviour

E         A       E
Athbhutha vismaya sneham
   G#m        A    B
En aathmaavil aanandam
C#m             A
Jeevane nalkiya sneham
   E        B     C#m
En jeevante aadhaaram
         A        B     E
Oh oh en jeevante aadhaaram

Krushilen yeshuvin yagam
En papathin mochanam
Krushilen yeshuvin thyagam
Ennathmavin svanthanam
Oh oh ennathmavin svanthanam

C#m             A   B
Neeyanennullile ga--nam
C#m             A    B
Neeyanen navile gee--tham
C#m              A
Nee thanneyennumennasha
E          B        C#m
Nin munpil vanangkuunnu
      A          B       E  
Oh oh nin munpil vanangkunnu

Sakhyadayakan yeshu
Athmavil shanthiyekum
Jeevante nayakan kristhu
Jeevanil  nadathidum
Oh oh jeevanil nadathidum

Varumeshu nayakan vendum
Therumen yathra vegam
Charum than marvilannanayum
Cherumen vettil njaan
Oh oh cherumen vettil njaan
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