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Akalatha Snehithan (അകലാത്ത സ്നേഹിതൻ)
Akalatha Snehithan | Christian Song | Kester | Joy Abraham
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Songwriter/Translator/Composer Joy Abraham

F               Am
  Akalatha snehithan
Uthama koottaliyay
F      Bb     Gm        Am
Aasrayippanum    pankiduvanum
C                  F
  Nalloru sakhiyanavan

Dm                Bb      
  Ini mel daasanmaralla
C                     F
  Daivathin snehithar naam
Bb                  Am         Gm
  Ennura cheythavan    nammude mithramay
Bb               C     F
Namukkay jeevane thannavan

Lokathin snehitharellam
Maranathal maranjidumbol
Nithyathayolam nithyamay snehicha
Nithyanam Yeshuvin snehamithu

Rogathal valanjidumbol
Aanikaletta paanikalalenne
Thazhuki thalodunna karthanavan
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