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Ithratholam Yahova Sahaayichu (ഇത്രത്തോളം യഹോവ സഹായിച്ചു)

Last updated on July 3rd, 2022 at 03:18 pm

Ithratholam Yahova Sahayichu | D Ajithkumar | K S Chithra | Superhit Malayalam Christian Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer D Ajithkumar

Bb                   F
Ithratholam yahova sahaayichu
Cm                      Bb
Ithratholam deivam enne nadathi
      F          Eb       Cm
Onnumillaaimayil ninnenne uyarthi
Bb          F        Bb
Ithratholam Yehova sahaayichu.

Bb                       F
Haagaarineppole njaan karanjappol
F7                    Bb
Yakkobineppole ujaan alanjappol
Eb                  Bb
Marubhoomiyilenikku jeevajalam thannenne
                     F        Bb
ithratholam Yehova sahaayichu 

Ekanaai ninnyanaai paradheshiyaai
naadum veedum vittu njaanalanjappol
swantha nattil cherthu kollaamennuracha
naadhanenne... -Ithratholam
Ithratholam Yehova sahayichu

Kannuneerum dhukhavum niraadhayum
Poornnamai maaridum dhinam varum
aunupaadum dhoothar madhye
aarthu paadum shudharothu
Ithratholam Yehova sahaayiehu
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