Nithya Snehathal

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Dm          Gm    C        F
Nithya snehathal enne snehichu
      Bb     C      G
Amma ekidum snehathekkal
      Bb        C      G
Lokam nalkidum snehathekkal

Ange vittengum pokayilla njan
Angil chernnennum jeevikkum njan
Sathya sakshiyay jeevikkum njan

Nithya rakshayal enne rakshichu
Ekarakshakan Yeshuvinal
Loka rakshakan Yeshuvinal

Ninhitham cheyvan angeppolakan
Enne nalkunnu poornnamayi
Modhamoditha poornnamayi

Nithya nadathil enne cherkkuvan
Mega therathil vannidume
Yeshu rajanay vannidume

Aaradhichidum kumpitteedum njan
Swarga nadathil Yeshivine
Sathya Dhaivamam Yeshuvine

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