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Praanan Povolam Jeevan Thannone (പ്രാണൻ പോവോളം ജീവൻ തന്നോനെ)

പ്രാണൻ പോവോളം ജീവൻ തന്നോനെ | Praanan Povolam Jeevan Thannone

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Stebilin Lal S B

        G              D
Praanan povolam jeevan thannone
      Em                Bm
Bhoovilaarilum kaanatha snehame
   G                  D
Aa maarvil njan chaaridunnappa
     Am     C
Ange piriyilla
   D    G
En yeshuve

     G             D
Njan aaradhikum en karthavine
  G      C           D      Em
Matterekkalum vishwasthanayone
   G                    D
Aa sneham krooshil njan kandathal
     G    C        F   G
Ange pole veraarum illayee

Praanan povolam jeevan...

Njan kelkkunnu en nadhan shabdham
Kaiviral pidichenne nadathunnu
Thazhe veezhathe enne thaangidum
Thaadhan koodeyullathen aaswasam

Praanan povolam jeevan...

Kazhivalla nin kripa maathrame
Ee perum uyarchayum nin dhaname
Enne nirthiya nin karunaye
Kripamel kripayal enne niraikkane

Praanan povolam jeevan...
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