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Anpitho Yeshunaayaka (അൻപിതോ യേശുനായകാ)

Anpitho Yesu Nayaka/Christian Worship Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Unknown

    G   Bm  G         C
Anpitho     Yeshunaayaka
D                       G
Thannitho eazhakkay nin jeevane

          C         G
Paapiyaam en paapamellam
Am         F
Pokky enne veendu kolvan
D          G

Anpitho Yeshunaayaka...

Ethreyo athikremam
D              G
Cheytha dhoshi njan
Enikku reksha labhikkumennu
Ninachathilla njan
         C                G
Alivu thonnan thiranju kolvan
Am             F      
Aruma suthanay anachu kolvan
D           G

Anpitho Yeshunaayaka...

Maranathin tharunangal palathu vannathum
Marana dhoothan ariyuvan en arike ninnathum
Irulilaay njan dhurithamode
Karayunnathum kandu veenda aruma nadhane

Anpitho Yeshunaayaka...

Kristhuvin sakshyavum sakakla jnanavum
Kripavarangalakhilavum nirenju sthirathayay
Aruma nadhan varavinnay njan
Viravode orungy nillppan kazhivu nalkiya

Anpitho Yeshunaayaka...

Ennu nee vannidum ponnu naayaka
Varavinaay kaathirunnen kankal kothikunne
Varumalavil thiru mukham njan
Kandu sankadangal ellam neengy vaazhume

Anpitho Yeshunaayaka...
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    • Admin

      I try my best to give credit to the original songwriters/composers of all the songs I post here. But sometimes I am unable to locate the people behind a song. This song too I could not find the songwriter/composer.

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