Vaazhtheedume Vaazhtheedume

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C             Am
Vaazhtheedume vaazhtheedume
 F      C     F       C      G        C
Emmanuvele en jeevakaalam ee kshonithale

C                    G          C
Dhoothar sthuthikkum naaka vallabhan
F              C
Pirannu goshalayil
        Am              F
Bandham azhichu andhan enneyum
       Dm  G    C
Bandhu aa..kkiyathal
              Em          C
Ennum ennum nannay sthuthikkum
  F       C       G       C
Nadhaneshuve njan ee dharayil


Shathru thannude agni sharangal
Thoduthu vittidukil
Ninnayudhangal kaathidumenne
Ponnu naayakane
Raksha sathyam neethy charthy nin
Sahakthanakkidum sena naayaka


Vaanamukalil dhootha sankahamay
Nadhan varumalavil
Lokam virekkum lokar bhremikkum
Naam annarthidume
Nokky nokky kankal mangunne
Eppol vannidum en prana priya


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