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Nee En Swantham (നീയെൻ സ്വന്തം)

Neeyen Swantham with lyrics ( Late EVG. JV. Peter)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator J V Peter

G               C
Nee en swantham nee en paksham
G            D  
Neerum velakalil
G        C
Aazhiyin aazhangalil 
G         D      Cm
Aanantham nee enikk

C               D        
Choora chediyin    keezhilum nin
C                 D
Saanidhyam arulum    naadhane

Nee en swantham...

Chathanja oda odikkathavan
C                 D
Pukayunna thiriye keduthathavan
F                    D
Vilaapangale nritham aakkunnavan
C         D       Cm
Vidthalil daiavam enneshu

Nee en swantham...

Chooderiya maru yaatrayathil
Dhaahathaal en naavu varalumbol
Haagaarin paithalin karachil kettavan
En aathma dhaaham theerthidum

Nee en swantham...
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