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Njan Varunnu Krushinkal

       E            A
Njan varunnu krushinkal
      E            B
Sadhu ksheenan kurudan
     E         A
Sarvavum enikkechil
       E      B       E
Poorna raksha kaanum njan

Sharanam en Karathave
Vazhthappetta kunjade
Thanzhmayal kumbidunnu
Rakshikka enne ippol

Vanchichu ninne ethra
Dhosham vaanennil ethra
Imbamamay chollunneshu
Njan kazhukidum ninne

Muttum njan tharunnitha
Bhoo nikshepam muzhuvan
Dheham dhehi samastham
Ennekkum nintethu njan

Ennashrayam Yeshuve
Vazhthappetta kunjattil
Thazhmayay kumbidunnu
Rakshikkunnippol Yeshu
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