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Aayirangalil Sundharan Vandhithan (ആയിരങ്ങളില്‍ സുന്ദരന്‍ വന്ദിതന്‍)


Songwriter/Composer/Translator T K Samuel

A                  F#m       A
Aayirangalil sundharan vandhithan
    Bm      C#m         A
Aarilum unnathan kristhuvam

A         C#m      F#m   D
Avanoppam parayan oralumilla
Bm        E         A
Avane pol aaradhyan aarumilla
       C#m     F#m     G
Avanil saranapettarume aarume
E         G        A
Orunaalum alayathe modhamai modhamai
        F#m       A
Maruvum maruvilum saandhamai

Aayirangalil sundharan...

Avaniku pothuvai niruthi daivam
Avane kondathre nirappu thannu
Avane vittorunaalum pokumo pokumo
Aruthatha-thonnume cheiyumo cheiyumo
Avane-orthanisam njan paadidum

Aayirangalil sundharan...

Varuveen vanangi namaskarippeen
Orumich-unarnnu pukazhtheeduveen
Belavum behumna maakave aakave
Thiru-mumpil arppichu veezhuveen veezhuveen
Thirunamam-ennekum vaazhthuveen

Aayirangalil sundharan...
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