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Aaradhichidam Kumbittaradhichidam (ആരാധിച്ചീടാം കുമ്പിട്ടാരാധിച്ചീടാം)

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Tomin J Thachankary

G         C          G
Aaradhichidam kumbittaradhichidam
Am         C                 D
Aaradhikkumpol apadanam paadidam
Aa poojithamam
C            D
Rakshanaamam vaazhthipaadam
Aa paadamalaril
C           D
Thaanuveenu vandichidam
Am          Em    D           G
Aathmanatha njaan ninnil cherenam
Am          Em  D           G
En manassil nee neenal vazhenam

G    D     C         G
Yeshunatha oru shishuvai
     G     D      C      G
Enne ninte munpil nalkidunnen
   C      Am    D
En paapam ethum maayichu nee
      C    Am     D
Dukha bharamellam mochichu nee
G        Am  G      D
Aathmave nee vanneramen
C        G     Cm     G
Kanneeru vegam aanandamai
Snehanatha oru baliyai
Ini ninnil njaanum jeevikkunne
Entethayathellam samarppikkunnu
Priyanai enne sweekarikku
Avakashiyum adhinathanum
Nee mathramEesho Mishihaye
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