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Enthullu Njan Daivame (എന്തുള്ളു ഞാൻ ദൈവമേ)

Enthullu Njan | Chikku Kuriakose | Nin Sannidhiyil

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Jomon Philip Kadampanad

E               B
  Enthullu njan Daivame
C#m        A    B
  Enthullu njan Karthane
A                    G#m
Nee cheytha nanmakal orkkumbol
A                 B
Nanniyal en manam paadume
F#m  C#m      F#m   C#m
Yeshuve ninte thyagame
F#m  C#m       B      E
Krushile ninte sneham
F#m  C#m      F#m   C#m
Paapiyam enne thedi nee
F#m  C#m         B      E
Cherthanacha nin sneham

E            F#m
Eakanay njan theerumbol
C#m             B
Ninte maarvente aashrayam
E                F#m
Ninnil njan maranjeedume
C#m           B
Yeshuve nalla nadhane

Ninte snehathin aazhamo
Varnippan enikkavilla
Ithra maathramam enne snehippan
Enthullu njan Yeshuve
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