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Karthavil Ennum Ente Ashrayam (കർത്താവിലെന്നും എന്റെ ആശ്രയം)

KARTHAVILENNUM ENDE ASRAYAM Malayalam Christian Devotional Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

E               A          E
Karthaavilennum ente aashrayam
Karthru seveyonneyente aagraham
E        G#m      A       F#m
Kashtamo nashtamo enthu vannidilum
E          G#m    A               E
Karthaavin paadam chernnu chellum njaan

E         C#m      E      A
Aarthu paadi njaan aanandathode
E          G#m         A            E
Keerthanam cheythennum vaazhthumeshuve
E         F#m       G#m   A
Ithra nal rakshakan vereyilloozhiyil
B                 E
Halleluyya paadum njaan
Than swanthajeevan thanna rakshakan
Thallukillayethu dukhanaalilum
Than thirukkaikalaal thaangi nadathidum
Than sneham cholvaan poraa vaakkukal
Vishwaasathaal njaan yaathra cheyyumen
Veettilethuvolamkrooshin paathayil
Vanthira poloro kleshangal vannaalum
Vallabhan chollil ellaam maaridum
En swanthabendhu mithrarevarum
Enne kaivittaalum khedamenthinaam?
Kaividillenna than vaagdathamundathil
Aashrayichennum aashwasikkum njaan
Vishwaasam kaathu ottam odiyen
Aayussallam nalla por nadathum njaan
Pinneyen yeshuvin paadamananju njaan
Ennaalum sthothra geetham paadidum-
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