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Uyarppin Jeevanaal (ഉയർപ്പിൻ ജീവനാൽ)

Uyarppin Jeevanaal | Creation to Creator (c2C) | Finny Cherian | Malayalam Christian Song
 C#m          A    B                E
Uyarppin jeevanaal nithya jeevan nalkum
B            E        G#             C#m
Karthavinodu koodeyen nithya vaasamaame

Aven idam vittu sareerabethanai
Loke alanjaalum njaanen veedodakukkume

Enn priyan parpidam manohara harmyam
Muthukalal nirmithamaam panthrandugopuram

Kandanannichidaam nithyamaai vanidaam
En athmaavu vanchikkunnai njaan ennu cherumo

En athma-vaasamo mal pithru grahathil
Ponvathilkal viswaasa kankalkethra sobhitham

Sudharin sobhanam avakaasamaam saalem
Prapippan aagrahathaal vaanchikkunne ennullam

Enn allel theernnu njaan halleluia padum
Mannavanaamesuvinodu kude vanidum
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