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Krushil Ninnum Panjozhukeedunna

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G                             D
Krushil ninnum panjozhukeedunna
D7        G        C         G
Daiva snehathin van krupaye
G                       D7      G
Ozhuki ozhuki adiyanil perukename
C     D     G
Sneha saagramay

G           C                G
Snehamam Daivame neeyennil
         C                 D
Anudinavum valarename
G     D       G
Njano kurayename

Nithya sneham enneyum thedy vanni
Nithyamam saubhagyam thannuvallo
Heenayenne menanjallo karthavinal
Maana paathravumay

Lokathil njan daridranayidilum
Nin sneham mathiyenikkaswasamay
Daiva sneham enneyum athmavinal

Maya loke prasamsicheeduvan
Yathonnum illallo prana Nadha
Daiva sneham onneyen presamsaye
Ente aanandhame
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