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Nal Neerurava Pol Samadhanamo (നൽ നീരുറവപോൽ സമാധാനമോ)

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നൽ നീരുറവപോൽ സമാധാനമോ....When peace like a river... (It is well with my soul) Malayalam Song Lyrics
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Malayalam version of “It is well with my soul”.

    C      Am       F G    C
Nal neerurava pol samadhanamo
 Am     D        G
Alamaalapol dukhamo
  C         F         D       G
Enthenthu vannalum en jeevithathil
        C          F  G    C
Chollum njan ellam en nanmakkai

     C    G        C
Paadidum sthothram njan
          C    G    C
Sthothram njan paadidum
       F      C    G    C  
Nathan cheyumellam nanmakkai

Pishachin thantharngal parekshakalum
En jeevithe aanjadichaal
Chnjchora chorinja en jeevanathhan
En pakshamullathal jayame

Paadidum sthothram njan...

Van dukham prayasangal eriyaalum
Nirashanaay theerilla njan
Enne karuthan than marodanaykkaan
Nathhan thanullathal padume

Paadidum sthothram njan...

En hrithadathil karthan vasamathaal
Yordhan pol van klesham vannaal
Thakarnnupovilla chaavin munpilum
Than shanthi manthranam kelkkum njan

Paadidum sthothram njan...
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