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Ninnodu Koode (നിന്നോടുകൂടെ)
Ninnodu Koode - World Impact Worship

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Anna Jacob, World Impact Worship

Ninnodu koode undu
  Anthyam vareyum ennu
C                    D
  Cholliyon njan allayo
Anthyam vareyum ninne 
  Kaaval cheytheeduvan
C                D
Andhike Njan illayo

  Jeevante vachanam
  Soukhyamaam vachanam
F                      B7
  Vaagdatha vachanam Yeshu

Ninnodu koode undu...

G              Em
Ulavayathellam ulakathin naadhan
C                    G
Vachanathaal uruvakkiye
Avanil than jeevan
Irulil than velicham
C                  G
Enikkinnu velichamayi

Jeevante vachanam...

Ninnodu koode undu...

Priyanaaya makanil
Priyanaakki maatti
Paavanathmave thannu 
Piriyaathe ennil 
Athmaavin vachanam
Oru naalum kai vidathe

Jeevante vachanam...

Ninnodu koode undu...
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