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Saadhu Enne Kai Vidathe (സാധുവെന്നെ കൈവിടാതെ)

Sadhuvenne Kaividathe | Riya Das | Charles John | Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Charles John Punnamoottil

       D            Em
Saadhu Enne kai vidathe
      A              D
Nadhanennum nadathidunnu

      D      G    F#   Bm
Anthyatholam chirakadi-yil
     G     Bm       D
Avan kaathidum dharayil
    G      Em     F#m    Bm
Aapathilum    rogathilum
   A    A7      D

Kannuneerin thaazhvarayil 
Karayunna velakalil
Kai vidillen karthanente 
Kannuneerellam thudakkum

Kodumkaattum thiramaalayum 
Padakil vannanjadikkum
Neramente chareyundu 
Nadhanennum vallabhanay

Vinnilente veedorukky 
Vegam vannidum priyanay
Vela cheythen naalkal theernnu 
Veettil chellum njan oduvil
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സത്യവേദപുസ്തകം - Malayalam Bible
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