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Krupayalathre Aathma Raksha (കൃപയാലത്രേ ആത്മരക്ഷ)

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
കൃപയാലത്രേ ആത്മരക്ഷ കുട്ടിയച്ചൻ | സാംസൺ കോട്ടൂർ

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Kuttiachan

Krupayalathre aathma raksha
Athu vishwasathal neduka
Bb                    F
Vila koduthu vanguvan sadhyamala
     Bb     F      Gm
Athu daanam daanam daanam

Malakal kayariyal kittukila
Kriyakal nadathiyal nedkila
Nanmakal nombukal nerchakal kazhchakal
            D7     Gm
Ivayalonnum raksha sadhyamala


Ee loka jevithathil neduka
Ninte maranashesham avasarangalila sodara
Narakashikshayil ninum viduthal neduvan
Innu varika rakshakante sannidhe


Rakshakante sannidhe chelluka
Ninte papamelam thante mumbil cholluka
Thante yagam moolaminnu ninte paapamellam poki
Ninne daiva paithalakki matume

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