Yahe Nee En Daivam

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D              G
Yahe nee en daivam
Vazhthum njan ninne
Sthuthyarhame thava namam

D       Bm         D
Aazhi-yennorthilla aazhamaranjilla
A                      D          A
Alakalkum njan thellum bhayappettilla
Irangi njan priyane
Samudrathin naduvil
F#m                D
Nin vili kettu pin varuvan

Arppanam cheyunnathma-niyogathal
Alppam enikingullath-ellam
Unnathane thava-sevayil jeevitham
Onnu mathi enikkulakil

Ennilum bhakthar ennilum sakthar
Veenu thakarnnee-porkalathil
Kanunnu njan asthi
Koodangal bheekaram
Veera poomankalil veenavaril
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