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Anpin Roopi Yesunatha (അൻപിൻ രൂപി യേശു നാഥാ)
Anpin Roopi Yeshunadha | അൻപിൻ രൂപി യേശുനാഥാ | Malayalam Christian Devotional Song | Elizabeth S

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Traditional

Eb    Ab    Eb    Bb
Anpin roopi yesunatha
Cm     Ab   Bb       Eb
Ninnishtam ennishtamaka
        Ab     Cm       Bb
Kurisil thungi marichavane
Ab         Bb     Eb
Enne thedi vannavane 

Mruthewvinte thazhvarail
Njan thellum bhayapedilla
Pathalathe jaichavane
Ninnil nithyam asraikum 

Nin mukhathu njan nokidume 
Vere arumillenike 
Deva ninte nizhalin keezhil
Nithyam chernnu vasichidum njan 

Jeevano maranamatho
Ethayalum sammatham than 
Kusavan kaiyil kaliman pol
Guruve enne nalkidunne 

Rogam nasam ninna dhushi
Vere endhu vannalum 
Vazhum yesu padhathil njan
Mutham cheyum avante padam
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