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Bhagya Nattil Pokum Njan (ഭാഗ്യനാട്ടിൽ പോകും ഞാൻ)

Bhagyanattil Pokum Njan | Kester | Evergreen Malayalam Christian Songs | Traditional Christian Songs

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Muttam Geevarghese

G                   D
Bhagya nattil pokum njan
     Em       D          G
Ente bhagya nattil pokum njan
         D           C       G
Bhagya nattil chennu shudharodothu njan
D       D7       G
Yeshuve vaztheedumme
         D           C       G
Bhagya nattil chennu shudharodothu njan
D       Cm       G
Yeshuve vaztheedumme

Maya impam vidunne ente
Loka sukhangalellaam naayakanaam
Ente mannane orthu njan
Than thiru namathinai

Sworga bhagyam orkkumpol ente
Thullikkalichente santhosha rajyathil
Vegam njan cherniedume

Oro dhivasavum njan ente
priyane nokkikondu
Neraya pathayil sevanam cheithu than
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