Daiva Krupayil Njan Asrayichu

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[E]Daiva krupayil njan asrayichu
[E]Avan vazhikale njan arin[B]ju
[A]Anugamichidum [E]avanude [B]chuvaduka[E]le
[E]Daiva krupayil njan [B]asrayi[E]chu

Iha [E]lokamo tharu[A]killoru
Sukha[B]vum mana santhiyat[E]hu
Ente [A]Yeshuvinte thiru [G#m]sannidhiyil
Ennum [F#m]anandham u[B]ndenik[E]ku

Ethra nallavan mathiyayavan
Enne karuthunna karthanavan
Ente avashyangal ellam arinjidunna
eattam adutha sahayakan than

Ente ayussil dinamakeyum
Thante nama mahathwathinay
Oru kaithiri pol kathiyerinjorikkal
Thiru marvil maranjidum njan
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