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He Knows My Name
He Knows My Name - Tommy Walker - Worship video with lyrics

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Tommy Walker

F  C      F     Bb
I  have a Maker
F  Bb        C
He formed my heart
F  C         F      Bb
Be fore even time began
   F        C      F
My life was in his hands
Bb  F        C
He  knows my name
Bb  F        C     F
He  knows my every thought
Bb  F         C         Dm
He  sees each tear that falls
    Bb        C       F
And He hears me when I call
F  C      F     Bb
I  have a Father
F  Bb         C
He calls me His own
F     C      F     Bb
He'll never  leave me
   F      C       F
No matter where I go
He knows my name...
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