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Tera Vachan (तेरा वचन)

Tera Vachan (Official Video)- Jireh Worship | Joseph R Raj, Hanson Tagde & Alisha Nath

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Joseph R Raj, Hanson Tagde

       E     G#m   A
Tera vachan, meri  roti
          E     G#m   A
Jab mai padhun, de vo shakti

     B                         A
Meri mushkilome sath, tu hi khada
     B                         A
Mera khalipan jo tha, tu ne bhara

C#m           A
Pyar hai tera gehra
         E            B        A
Mujhko yakeen tu hath na chhodega

Chahat teri be panah hai
Beheta lagu jo gavah hai

Jindagi hai tu punarsthaan
Na koi tha na hai tere samaan

Pyar hai tera gehra
Mujhko yakeen tu hath na chodega

F#m               B
  Mere sare papon ka
F#m               B
  Bojh tune seh liya
F#m                 B
  Chahe jo bhi ho mera
F#m                 B
  Teri marzi meri raza

Pyar hai tera gehra
Mujhko yakeen tu hath na chodega
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