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Haath Uthaakar Gaoonga (हाथ उठाकर गाऊँगा)

Haath Uthaakar Gaoonga | Bridge Music ft. Samarth Shukla, Cameron Mendes & Sam Alex

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Sam Alex, Cameron Mendes, Samarth Shukla

C               Dm 
Yeshu Mashih Bharosa mera
F       G      C
Tu hi sahara mera
Am                 Dm
Mushkil samay mein Tu hi dilasa
F       G         C
Saath rahega Tu sada

F                Am
Karuna bhalayi Teri
C                G
Sada rahegi mujh par
F                 Am
Teri vishwas yogyata
C                  G
Dekhunga mein umra bhar

C                  Dm
Main haath uthakar gaoonga
      G                C
Yeshu Tera naam rahe uncha
     Am            Dm
Main haath uthakar gaoonga
      G                C
Yeshu Tera naam rahe uncha

C             Dm 
Maut se Hai bachaya Tu ne
F        G           C
Jeevan naya hai de diya
Am            Dm
Naam le kar pukara mujhe
F           G           C
Mahima se mujhko bhar diya

Am                   G
Aadhar aur Mahima ho teri
G               C
Tu hi hamara khuda
Am              G
Puri ho Teri hi Marzi
G               C
Aye Tera raaj yahaan

Aadhar or Mahima ho teri
Tu hi hamara kuda Puri ho
Teri hi Marzi Tera hi Raaj ho yahaan

Am                Dm
Hum haath uthakar gayenge
      G                C
Yeshu tera naam rahe uncha
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1 Comment

  1. Anita Shrestha

    Thank you sooooooooo much for these chords….Made me have an awesome worship time with Jesus Christ. God bless whoever posted this.

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