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Tere Dil Ke Dwar Par (तेरे दिल के द्वार पर)

Tere Dil Ke Dwar Par (Official Video) Shawn & Shanon | Worship Songs 2022 | Yeshu Ke Geet

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Shawn Milton, Shanon Milton

Ebm         Db
Tere Dil Ke Dwar Par
Abm          Ebm
Yeshu Khatkhatata
Kholo Tum Darwaaza
Abm          Ebm
Woh Hai Aana Chahta

Ebm          Db
Banna Chahta Hai Woh 
Abm        Ebm
Tera Hi Mehmaan Aaj
Ebm         Db
Tera Ranj-o-Gam Sab 
Abm        Ebm
Woh Uthana Chahta

Tere Dil Ke Dwar...
Khushi Apni Deta
Hove Tu Jalaali
Raat Din Tere Saath Hi
Woh Hai Rehna Chahta

Tere Dil Ke Dwar...
Kholta Hu Darwaza 
Dil Ka Ae Masiha
Aa Aur Is Mein Reh Tu
Main Hu Dil Se Chahta

Tere Dil Ke Dwar...

Yeshu Pyaaro Kehta
Kimti Waqt Hai Jaata
Waqt Gaya Jo Pyaaro
Vaapis Phir Na Aata

Tere Dil Ke Dwar...
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