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Kroos Se Bah Ke (क्रूस से बह के)

Krus Se Bah Ke l क्रूस से बह के l Filadelfia Music l Hindi Christian Song l Good Friday Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Pr Raju Varghese, Pr Wilson George
Hindi Translation of Malayalam Krushil Ninnum Panjozhukeedunna

E                         C#m       F#m
Kroos se bah ke aatee hai khoon kee dhaar
A        G#m        B     E
Jismen pita ka hai, prem apaar
            C#m            G#m  C#m
Bahte-bahte mujhko baha le jae
A       B      E
Prem ke saagar mein

E         A     E
Premee prabhu mere yeeshu
B         A      B
Din-prati-din tu mujhmen badhe
A         B           E
Ghatata rahoon prabhu main 

Dhoondha mujhe anant prem se
Anant aasheeshan dee hain mujhe
Mujh deen ko yogya bana diya
Param pita ke liye

Is jag mein gareebee se ghir jaoon main, 
Pyaar tera hai kaafee mujhe 
Aatma meree, tere prem se paripoorn hai, 
Ghatee nahin hai mujhe

Is jag mein prashansa main kiskee karoon 
Koee nahin hain tere siva 
Prabhu tera prem mera stutee geet hain 
Mera aanand hain 
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