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Mujhme Kya Dekha (मुझमे क्या देखा)
Mujhme Kya Dekha | Kalvary ke kroos par | Sheeba Charles Chandy

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Abraham Padinjarethalakkal, Sheeba Charles
Malayalam version: Kalvari Krusinmel (കാല്‍വരി ക്രൂശിന്മേല്‍)

   F             Dm
Kalvary ke kroos par
      Bb               F
Mera swami mere liye muaa
     Dm                   Gm
Aisa prem mujhpar barsane ko
       Bb        C       F
Mujhme kya dekha tune khuda

Mujhme kya dekha
Mujhme kya dekha
Mujhme kya dekha
Tune khuda
     Gm                   C
Aisa prem mujhpar barsane ko
       Gm        C       Bb
Mujhme kya dekha tune khuda

Paak lahoo, ki boondein
Bikhari kroos ke tale
Tere khoon ke, har boond ka badla
Main kaise chukaoon khudaa

Mujhme kya dekha...

Yahudi aur romi
Kroorta se hinsak hue tho
Kaamp uthha tu dard se prabhu
Tune mere liye hai saha

Mujhme kya dekha...
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