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Karthar En Belanum (Tamil)
Karthar En Belanum - En Meetpar Vol 4 - Freddy Joseph

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Freddy Joseph

  Karththar en belanum
En geethamum
Db                     Fm
  Naan nampum kanmalaiyumaanavar
Ebm           Ab
  Karththarin kirupai
Ebm         Ab        Ebm
  Entaikkum naan paaduvaen
     F       Bbm
Naan pottriduvaen

Bbm         Gb
Allaelooyaa allaelooyaa
Ebm     Ab  Db      Bbm
Allaelooyaa allaelooyaa
Bbm         Gb
Allaelooyaa allaelooyaa
Ebm     Ab  F   Bbm
Allaelooyaa allaelooyaa

     Bbm          F
Avar karamum avar puyamum
    Db         F
Makimaiyum makathvamum
Bb                 Ebm
Athisayangal seythathu
Kirupaiyum sathiyamum irakkamum
     B     Abm             Bbm
Avar anpum vali nadaththiyathu

Karththar en belanum...

Avar maeyppar avar meetpar
En naesar parisuththar
Thaalchchi ataikilaenae
Jeevanulla naatkalellaam
Aalayaththil thanguvathai
Vaanjiththae naadiduvaen

Karththar en belanum...
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