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Tu Hai Dakhlata Main Hoon Dali (तू है दाखलता मैं हूँ डाली)

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Tu Hai Dakhlata

Songwriter/Translator/Composer Unknown

Db  Ab    Db
Ye--shu yeshu
    Ab    Db
Ye--shu yeshu

Tu hai dakhlata
Gb          Ab
  Main hoon dali
Pavitra pita tu hai mali
Main hoon dali
Gb        Ab
  Kalam kiya hua
Ebm       Db    Ab
Tujhme rehna chahoon

Yeshu yeshu
Yeshu yeshu

Main hoon dali sookha hua
Mujhme nayi jaan dal tu
Main hoon dali saah kar mujhe
Phaldayi hona chahoon

Yeshu yeshu
Yeshu yeshu

Main hoon dali tere begair
Kuchh nahi kar sakta hoon main
Main hoon dali chuna hua
Tere pyar main rahna chahoon

Yeshu yeshu
Yeshu yeshu
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पवित्र बाइबिल - Hindi Bible

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