More Than Enough (Jehovah Jireh)

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        C           Em
Jehovah Jireh my provider
        F         Dm         G
You are more than enough for me
        C                Em
Jehovah Rapha, You're my healer
        F            Dm       G
By Your stripes I've been set free
        Am              Em
Jehovar Shamma, You are with me
   F      G      Am
To supply all my needs

       Dm         G      
You're more than enough
Em         Am
More than enough
Dm        G          C
More than enough for me

Jehovah Elshaddai, Almighty Father
You are more than enough for me
Jehovah Nissi, You are my victory
In you, I am complete and safe
Jehovah Ra-ah, Shepherd Almighty
On your pastures I live and I grow

Jehovah Adonai, Master and Lord of all
You are more than enough for me
Jehovah Elyon, You are the Most High
There are none to compare with thee
Jehovah Shalom, God You are my peace 
Peace that calms all storms and all waves
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