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Sampoorn Arth (संपूर्ण अर्थ)
The Worship Studio || Sampoorn Arth || Merlyn Salvadi, Shelley Reddy || Season 2

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Merlyn Salvadi

G        D       Em           D
Iss zindagi mein sab kuch hai vyarth
Am         C            D        G
Lekin tujh hee mein hai sampoorn arth
G         D        Em      D
Hum kya laayein jo le jayenge
Am         C       D        G
Tu jo na rahe meri zindagi anarth

G             C
Sampoorn arth tujh mein hi hai
F             D
Sampoorn arth tujh se hi hai
G                 C
Sampoorn arth hai tu hi Yeshu
F             D                G
Sampoorn arth mere jeevan mein tu

Aise jeene do ki main yeh keh sakoo 
Mere jeevan mein sirf arthpoorn tu
Daulat aur shaurat sab vyarth hai 
Paripoorn trupti tujh mein hi prapth hai

Sampoorn arth tujh mein...

G    F     C    G
Haalelujah haalelujah
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