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Prabhu Ka Aatma (प्रभु का आत्मा)

Prabhu Ka Aatma | प्रभु का आत्मा | HINDI CHRISTIAN SONG | FILADELFIA MUSIC

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Iyob Mavchi

          Em             D
Prabhu ka aatma mujh par hai
     Em              Bm
Usne mera abhishek kiya
   Am                Em
Ki susamachar main sunaaun
   Am                B
Ki susamachar main sunaaun

   Em              Am
Kangaalon ko susamachar mile
     D                  G
Bandiyon ko chhutkara mile
  Em                Am
Andhon ko drishti mile
     D                 Em
Kuchale hue chhudaye jayen

Prabhu ka aatma...

Bimaron ko changa karne
Dukhiyon ko aasha dilaane
Shrapon ko jad se mitaane
Andhkaar se jyoti may laane

Prabhu ka aatma...
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