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Har Pal Yeshu Ke Sang (हर पल यीशु के संग)

Harpal Yeshu Ke Sang | New Christian Hindi Devotional Full HD Video Song

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Rajesh Daniel Elappara
Hindi version of Dinavum Yeshuvinte Koode (ദിനവും യേശുവിന്‍റെ കൂടെ)

Em               Am
Har pal yeshu ke sang main
D              G    B
Har roz uske sahare
Em                D
Juda main ho nahi sakthi
Bm               Em
Tujse mere yeshu pyare

  Mohabbat hai
  Mohabbat hai
Am         C     B
  Mohabbat hai yeshu se

Em         Am
Tujse door hokar
C          D
Tujko bhoolkar
G          Bm           Em
Kuch bhi nahi may kar sakoon
Em        Am
Tujko chodkar
C          D
Kyaa paa sakoon
G           Bm        Em
Aisa kuch nahi dharthipar

Mohabbat hai...

Har pal yeshu...

Tu hi mujhe
Trupth kartha hai
Jeevan ki roti tu hi hai
Pyaas bujhaye jo
Jeevan ka jharna tu
Pyasi hoon may tere ae yeshu

Mohabbat hai...

Har pal yeshu...
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