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Tumsa Koi Nahin (तुमसा कोई नहीं)

TUMSA Yeshua Ministries Official Music lyric video (Tumsa Koi Nahin) (Yeshua Band) 2017

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Yeshua Band

   E        F#m
Tumsa koi nahin
   A    B     E
Tumsa kahin nahin
Ab hai pura yakeen
   A    B    E
Tumsa koi nahin

  C#m    G#m      A      E
Yeshua masih ho mahima teri
  C#m   G#m   A    E
Gaye asaman gaye zameen

C#m                 A
  Andhero me tu roshni hai
B                    E          G#
  Tu hi manzil tu rasta bhi hai
C#m                      A
  Tu hai jahan na kuch kami hai
B                   E
  Tera hi naam zindagi hai

  C#m    G#m   A    E
Halle--lujah hallelujah
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