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Yeshu Mere Nal Nal Rehnda Eh (Punjabi)

Yesu Mere Naal Naal Rehnda Hai || by AGAPE SISTERS

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Aziz

Em                 D
Yeshu Mere Nal Nal Rehnda Eh
Bm                   Em
Dari na oh mainu Bas Kehnda Eh
Fir kyu dara
Mai fir kyu dara
     D           Bm
Mera zinda khuda
Mere nal hai

Em                         D
Jitthe vee main jawan mere agge agge chalda
Bm                    C           Em
Lakkha lakh doot meri rakhi laiyo kalda
B                    C
Kede lafzaan na kara shukar ada
B                    Cmaj7
Kede lafzaan na kara shukar ada
C        D         Em
Har pase auda hi jalaal hai

Fir kyu dara...

Hovegi na kami menu kadde kisi chiz dee
Kare har lod puri apne azeez dee
Labda ayyaali jiwe gummi hui bhed nu
Karda oh eenja meri paal hai

Fir kyu dara...
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