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Ondrumillaamayil (Tamil)

Songwriter/Composer/Translator Susan Shaji Palackamannil
Tamil version of Onnumillaymayil Ninnenne Uyarthiya (ഒന്നുമില്ലായ്മയിൽ നിന്നെന്നെ ഉയർത്തിയ)

F#           B
C#              F#
Irunthemmai uyarththina
D#m                G#m
Um anbai ninaikkayilae
      C#                    B
Ullam nandriyaal nirainthiduthae

     F#          B
Neer engalai nesikka
C#               A#m  
Naangal emmaththiram
F#      G#m       C#
Engalai ninaivukoora
        B           C#  B
Naangal paaththirar allavae

Viyaagula velaigalil
Neer engal aaruthalae
Baarangal niraintha neram
Neer engalai thaangugireer

Neer engalai...

Thalaimurai thalaimuraiyaai
Thaangiye nadaththidum
Um thayavai marappeno

Neer engalai...

Vazhikaattum deivame
Irulaana nerangalil
Thadumaarum nerangalil
Thaangidum thayabararae

Neer engalai...
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