Yeshu Masih Tere Jaisa Hai Koi Nahi

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Lyrics/Music: Yeshua Band

G                Em              C
Yeshu masih tere jaisa hai koi nahi 
     Am                  D
Tere charano me jhuke aasman 
    F      D         G
Aur mahima gaaye zameen(2) 

G              D
Hum gaaye hossana 
C                G  
Tu rajaon ka hai raja 
G                D
Teri mahima hove sada 
C              D      G
Tu hai prabhu, hamara khuda(2) 

G               Em              C
Pyare pita tune humse kitna pyar kiya 
       Am               D
Humein paapo se chudane ko 
     F       D         G
Apne bete ko kurban kiya

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